Magnetic Therapy Products for Natural Pain Relief

Natural pain relief you can trust

Magnetic Therapy Products for Natural Pain Relief

Therion Magnetics is in the process of moving our manufacturing facility from New York to the West coast. This move and will take several months to complete. Due to the disruption in operations that will occur during the move it was necessary to discontinue all direct product sales until the move is complete. Therion products are still available through our stocking dealers, which can easily be located online. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Take back your active life! – with Therion Magnetic therapy products

When you're in pain, you want real relief, in the least amount of time. Therion magnetic therapy products are your best option for:

  • Safe and effective natural pain relief
  • Helping your body heal faster
  • Sleeping more soundly and waking up feeling refreshed

Most people don’t realize that to be effective the magnetic field parameters of every product must be optimized according to the body area and condition to be treated.

Therion Magnetics products provide real relief, because they are carefully designed to provide the correct magnetic field strength, penetration, and coverage for each specific body area they are used for.

Therion medical magnets have exceptionally high magnetic energy ratings, and are much larger in size so they produce far more therapeutic energy. These increased therapy levels result in more effective relief of discomfort in a shorter amount of time. Read more about Therion magnetic therapy products.

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