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Therion Magnetics featured on nationally syndicated radio show:

It's A Matter of Your Health

July 30, 2010 - This month, It's a Matter of Your Health covered the history, science and benefits of magnet therapy.

It's a Matter of Your Health is a nationally-syndicated medical health feature heard daily on radio stations across the United States. It draws upon renowned medical sources from around the nation for its daily dose of powerful, practical and positive health information. It's a no-nonsense, yet upbeat program appealing to all persons whether they approach medicine traditionally or holistically.

Listen to the radio segment below:

Jack Kahn, host of It's A Matter of Your Health
Jack Kahn, radio host
It's A Matter of Your Health


Therion Wins 2nd Award for Back Pain Relief

New York (May 2009) - For the second year in a row, Therion has been honored for their hard work and innovation, providing some of the most effective magnetic therapy products in the United States.

Entering the 2009 Gear Awards™ - the sports, fitness and health industry's yearly product competition - Therion's Platinum MTR Magnetic Tennis Elbow Support and Magnetic Knee Brace were both awarded silver medals in the highly competitive Therapeutic Category.

By far, the most exciting accomplishment was Therion repeating their immense success in the Back Health category. This year, the Platinum Magnetic Back Pad was awarded the Top Gear of the Year. It's a win that speaks volumes after Therion's Platinum Magnetic Back Support received the same honor in the 2008 competition.

After two consecutive Top Gear awards for Best Back Health, Therion has established themselves as a leader in back pain relief and comfort.

Affecting 1-in-4 Americans, back pain continues to be an often overlooked, yet difficult-to-treat health issue. In recent years, consumers have grown wary of prescription and over-the-counter medications, and the choices of alternative health products and practices are overwhelming.

The Platinum Magnetic Back Pad is a quick and easy-to-use method to relieve and prevent lower back pain. In seconds, the 6" x 8" pad can be slipped into the waistband of a pair of pants, or kept in place using one of Therion’s breathable, elastic comfort wraps. Lightweight and compact, the Platinum Back Pad targets lower back muscles and the lumbar spine with a concentrated biomagnetic field. This not only helps to relieve pain, but also helps to prevent injury.

Studies continue to point to magnetic fields affecting blood circulation. They do this by aiding the dilation and constriction of capillaries - the tiniest blood vessels that run throughout the human body. Using magnetic therapy helps the body optimize blood flow to reduce inflammation near injuries faster, providing pain relief without any side effects. Improved blood flow also enables oxygen and nutrients to be transported faster, speeding up healing time and improving flexibility.

Since 1991, Therion has been researching what types and configurations of magnets have the greatest effects on the body, and the best chances of success. One of the major results of their continuous efforts is the Platinum line of magnetic braces, supports and body pads. Platinum combines the most powerful biomagnetics used today with the latest therapeutic materials to enhance long-term comfort.

Therion has once again proven they may just have the answer that over 91 million people have been searching for: Back pain relief.

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Therion Wins Top Industry Award for Back Health

New York (July 2008) - Therion, the leading direct manufacturer of magnetic therapy products in the United States, has been awarded the coveted "Top Gear of the Year" for Best Back Health at the annual Sports, Health & Fitness Gear Awards™ product competition. The Platinum MTR Magnetic Back Support received the honor for innovation and quality in back health and chronic back pain relief.

"We've liked magnetic therapy for years now and it really can be a life saver for some people with chronic back issues. We especially liked this support because it was so comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time," - commented in the winning announcement.

Therion integrates its Magnetic Thermal Reactive™ and Maximum Field Integration™ technologies to create the award-winning Platinum Back Support

The patented Thermal Reactive system is a breathable neoprene that uses body movement to pump out excess heat and perspiration. It provides superior comfort for long-term wear, sports and exercise - adapting to changes in physical activity. Combined with Therion's innovative methods of using high-energy, research-grade magnets and optimizing their energy fields to increase therapeutic effectiveness, the Platinum Magnetic Back Support is just one of Therion’s health products garnering attention.

CEO Bruce Spiegler trusts the Gear Award exemplifies the company’s status as a reputable leader in the holistic health industry, with a commitment to safe and effective pain relief. Therion has been innovating magnetic therapy products since 1991 to meet the demand for holistic bio-magnetic products that offer proven benefits for chronic pain relief. The Sports Health & Fitness Gear Awards™ are judged by a panel of health and fitness professionals, including doctors, trainers, nutritionists, therapists and holistic health care providers.

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Magnetic Therapy: What Kind of Magnets are Best?

New Living Magazine

October 2005
by Bruce Spiegler

We all exist as living beings through the natural electromagnetic fields produced by ions throughout our bodies. Disease, injury, pain and inflammation are a state of imbalance in this complex natural energy system. Supplementing the body's energy field with an external magnetic source, designed specifically for that purpose will help to rebalance our energy systems when needed. In applying magnetic therapy, an environment is created whereby pain and inflammation are reduced and the body is able to heal itself more efficiently.

Magnetic therapy can work more effectively than ice, heat, infrared light, anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections. Healing of injuries can be accelerated by as much as 50%. But, to be effective - a magnetic therapy product must have the proper magnetic field strength, polarity, penetration depth and angle of application.

Magnetic therapy today is in the position that herbal and nutritional supplements were about thirty years ago, where few people know what strengths or ingredients to look for. Like herbal and nutritional supplements, there are also vast differences in the quality and effectiveness of magnetic therapy products.

Therion Magnetics is the leading provider of professional grade magnetic therapy products for natural pain relief. During the company's early product development stage, over 150 people who were using other magnetic therapy products were interviewed to see how well they were doing with them. Therion's research results indicated that while 40% were helped, as many as 20% reported that their pain actually got worse. The remaining 40% felt no difference.

The results found the majority of people were using products that contained magnets that were so weak they had almost no therapeutic value at all. A basic law of magnetism states that magnetic field strength decreases rapidly as the distance from the magnet increases. Therion discovered other magnetic products were unable to generate sufficient magnetic field strength and penetration depth to reach much below the skin's surface, let alone deep tissue and bone. Others were using products that had their magnets installed backwards - which has been proven to increase pain and inflammation.

When it comes to relieving pain and healing, it's important to have the correct magnet pole directed at the source of your pain. To put it simply, the bio-north pole of a magnet reduces pain, helps your body heal faster and makes it easier for you to get a good night's sleep. The bio-south pole makes you hurt more and can cause insomnia if used in a magnetic mattress pad.

Even with a well-designed magnetic therapy product, to be effective, it's important that it be used for the recommended period of time. Many people start out using a magnetic therapy product to stop the pain, but then give up because the product is uncomfortable and irritating. As a result, the mechanisms in magnetic therapy that create the anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects are impeded.

Therion uses the most comfortable cushioning possible and have designed their supports and braces with a patented thermal regulation system that actually breathes at a controlled rate - while removing moisture and excess heat and eliminating irritation. This allows people using Therion products to wear them 24 hours a day.

When looking for information about magnetic therapy, most people turn to the internet. The problem is that many of the websites can get a little bit "creative" when reporting the strength and penetration depth of their magnets. Many sites report to have magnets that have a stronger, deeper penetrating magnetic field that is supposedly more effective and faster-acting but, it doesn't help you choose the product that will actually help ease your pain. Many manufacturers magnets actually stop being effective long before their reported penetration depth.

Magnetic therapy products are alternative health products - they are supposed to make you feel better, not the same and certainly not worse. Therion's products have been engineered and developed based on over 14 years of extensive research by a team of experts in alternative medicine, including one of the few U.S. Registered Magnetic Therapists.

As a direct manufacturer, Therion uses high-energy magnetic materials that are stronger, larger and more effective than any other brand. Therion uses scientifically proven formulas and have developed new engineering methods to ensure that its products are therapeutically effective.

Bruce P. Spiegler is a Registered Magnetic Therapist and CEO of Therion Magnetics. Therion products are prescribed by doctors and therapists and have been proven to be safe and effective by thousands of people worldwide. For more information on Therion magnetic therapy products, call 631-231-3448 or visit their website at

Bruce Spiegler, RMT, HHP
Bruce Spiegler, CEO
Therion Magnetics

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American Podiatric Medical Association News

Every month, APMA News reviews several items recently introduced to the marketplace. This service is offered to keep podiatrists informed of products that may be helpful in their practice of podiatric medicine. Inclusion of a product in this section does not represent an endorsement by APMA of any kind.

Magnetic Therapy

Therion Magnetics has introduced a line of professional magnetic therapy products for health care practitioners and their patients. The company has also developed educational materials to train both traditional and holistic health care practitioners in the integration of magnetic solutions into their practices.

The company's products include magnetic thermal regulating, orthopedic supports, made with a patented Acticel$trad; material that allows air to pass through at a controlled rate, keeping the skin free of perspiration while maintaining ideal skin temperature over an extended period and at any level of activity. Patented Ener-Flex™ and Neo-flex™ insoles, high-energy magnetic pads, magnetic therapeutic pillows and cushioning, and Advanced Biomagnetics™ pressure-relieving sleep systems are also a part of Therion's product line.

Therion products are manufactured at the company's plant in Long Island, New York.

Visit, or call 888-636-9700 and mention APMA News..

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