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Ear-Dot Acupressure Magnets


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Quick Overview

  • Magnetic balls for acupressure to the ears, hands, and body
  • 1.850 gauss, Gold plated magnets
  • 7mm (0.28") Square, flexible fabric plasters
  • 60 per pack

Therion Ear-Dot acu-magnets are round magnetic balls for acupressure to the ears, hands, and body. Each 800 gauss magnetic ball is gold plated and measures 2mm (0.07") in diameter. Ear-Dots are packaged in a plastic holder with the ball magnets pre-applied to 0.28" x 0.28" fabric plaster. The plastic holder can be bent on any side to allow easy removal of the plaster with tweezers or fingers. They are packed 60 to a plastic sheet.

Please note: Not everyone can use magnets. There are a few restrictions.

Name Ear-Dot Acupressure Magnets
Size 0.28 in. Square
Magnet Size 0.2mm (0.07") round ball
Magnet Quantity 60
Type of Magnet(s) Ceramic
Manufacturer Gauss Rating 1,850 G
Surface Gauss 800 G
Maximum Penetration N/A
Finish Gold Plated