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Magnetic Therapy FAQ

Are electromagnetic fields the same as static magnetic fields?
Are Therion products all bio-north?
Can a magnet be too strong?
Can a product have gauss power of 50,000 or more?
Can I exchange a product if it does not fit?
Can I exercise or play sports wearing my support?
Can I use a stronger magnetic product even if I don't need it?
Can I use an electric blanket with magnetic therapy?
Can I use magnets all the time?
Can I use magnets if I have a hip/knee replacement?
Can I use several magnetic products together?
Can I wear my support while sleeping?
Do I wear the brace under or over my clothing?
Do magnets affect metal implants?
Do your products come with instructions?
Does gauss rating indicate a magnet's strength?
Does magnetic therapy have any side effects?
Does the mattress pad go on top of my bed?
Does the mattress pad have south-pole "return" fields?
How does magnet therapy help an injury?
How long do Therion magnets last?
How long until I start feeling better?
Is magnetic therapy officially recognized?
What are "Unipole" magnets?
What is gauss rating?
What is magnetic therapy?
What is Penetration Depth and is it important?
What types of magnets are used in magnet therapy?
When should I NOT use magnetic therapy?
When should I stop using magnetic therapy?
Will I feel the magnets working?