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I have been using Therion magnetic therapy products in my chiropractic practice for well over a year now. I have only experienced excellent results, and my patients love them. I have recommended them for many different types of sprains, strains, general pain, muscle spasm, tendonitis, arthritis, and herniated disks to name a few.

I even utilized your magnets when my brother's German Shepherd shattered his femur. The veterinarian could not believe how well the dog's leg healed without surgery. He initially felt that pinning the fractured femur was the dog's only hope for saving his leg!

I also want to thank you for a highly trained and efficient staff. Your customer service is the tops, your staff has always been able to answer any questions that I may have and offer the most effective product for each case in question.

Christopher C. Mascetta, D.C.
Ridgefield Chiropractic & Wellness Center, LLC
Ridgefield, CT


As a Complementary & Alternative Medical College President, educator, and 25 year massage and bodywork therapy practitioner, I have worked with many different magnetic products over the years.

Therion's professional magnetic therapy products are like no other for managing injuries and chronic pain... After using a Therion knee brace for a chronic knee problem I had for years, I was not only amazed at the results, but also with the speed at which it worked.

Steven Schenkman
President Emeritus, New York College of Health Professions
Past Chairman, New York State Board of Massage Therapy


I have used Therion products on many cases and have found very good results. The following pathologies are a few examples:

* Periodic recurrent post-traumatic pain in the hand. (Tendon rupture after a dog bite.)
* Chronic lumbar pain and knee pain on a degenerative basis in an 89 year old women. (Arthritis.)
* Pain in the knee of a soccer player. (Overstraining.)
* Very serious tendinitis on foot sole, with ankle swelling.

At this moment, I am using Therion products in treating post-operative pain and swelling in a fibula fracture osteosynthesis patient. The quality of Therion products is excellent.

Ward Mertens, M.D.
Lommel, Belgium


I found the knee sleeve to be extremely comfortable. I felt instant relief due to the support factor alone. After wearing the sleeve consistently for six to seven days, I noticed a significant decrease in leg pain even when the sleeve was removed.

As a fitness trainer & distance runner, I am very excited about this product. Many of my clients suffer from pain due to chronic injuries, muscle imbalance & inflexibility. I feel Therion magnetic therapy, in addition to increasing muscle strength & flexibility, could help many of my clients manage their pain.

Stephanie Thode
Fitness Trainer, Distance Runner
New York, NY


I had been so impressed with my back support that I decided to get one for a colleague – who was also having severe pain from his osteoarthritic back and hips. The results have again been superb. Thank you.

David Skelton, M.D.
Edmonton, AB, Canada


I advised a female patient with chronic back pain and osteoporosis to use the Balance back support. It has helped her very much, and she has started to do exercises which she has not been able to do in a long time.

Hans Borge, Licensed Acupuncturist
Hafrsfjord, Norway


I am a Certified Orthotist and was introduced to magnet therapy by a local professional. I had some success with the old back support, which they furnished. I feel your product is far superior, and I am wearing it every day. My lower back pain is reduced greatly.

Ronald, CO(E)
Tucson, AZ