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Therion Technologies

When you're in pain, you want the best possible relief, in the least amount of time

That's what Therion is all about - the most consistent and effective magnetic therapy for pain relief.

Since 1991, Therion has been a pioneer in biomagnetics research and product development. We know how to design products that provide truly effective natural pain relief; and why many other magnetic health products are unable to yield significant relief.

Most people don’t realize that to be effective...

The magnetic field parameters of every product must be optimized according to the body area and condition to be treated.

For example, the same magnets used for arthritis in finger joints will not help with arthritis in a knee joint, or a hamstring injury.

Every Therion product has been carefully designed to provide the correct magnetic field strength, penetration, and coverage for the specific body area it's used for. And because stronger magnetic fields provide faster, more effective relief, we use research grade, medical magnets. These high-energy magnets are custom made to our specifications.

Magnet therapy must also be used consistently to achieve maximum relief, in the shortest amount of time

In many cases, a product will get too hot or uncomfortable to wear long enough for it to help. For this reason, we treat your individual comfort as an integral part of therapy.

Being a biomagnetics research and manufacturing company, Therion uses propritary technologies that enable us to optimize our products in three critical areas:

  • Maximum effectiveness for the intended application(s)
  • Optimum comfort and wearability
  • Durable and long-lasting - That's why Therion offers the only limited lifetime warranty in the industrty.

A Therion product begins working the moment you start using it, providing:

  • Deep penetrating magnetic therapy to ease discomfort
  • Proper Support and compression for weak joints and painful injuries
  • Optimum comfort and wearability

Using selective materials and ergonomic designs that enhance your comfort and relief, Therion products can be worn for as long as you need them.

Designed based on extensive research, award-winning Therion products are effective for about 90% of the people that use them. And with Therion’s unmatched quality and limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured these are the best magnetic therapy products you can buy -- giving you the best opportunity for relief!

Experience safe, natural pain relief with Therion Magnetics.

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